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We have your goods transported by air, sea, rail and truck. As specialists, we always find the right path to you and your customer – to your advantage.

Through our extensive network, we distribute your shipment neutrally, quickly, reliably and cost-effectively to its respective destination using selected, verified transport companies .

Do you need individual, intelligent, company-specific logistics solutions in order to survive in globalization? Whether in the automotive industry, industry or trade, at IY-Logistik, your partner for individual logistics concepts and sophisticated services, you have come to the right place. We will find a solution tailored to your company.

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Thanks to our many years of experience and our high quality standards, we offer you
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Truck Transport Services

Regardless of whether it is a pallet or an entire truck, we use our extensive network to distribute your shipment with selected, verified transport companies neutrally, quickly, reliably and cost-effectively to its respective destination in Germany and Europe in daily general cargo and long-distance scheduled transport as full and partial loads and also as a special trip. We do everything reliably in close collaboration with external service providers or use collaborations.

Special trips, collection and delivery of your shipment as quickly as possible

General cargo nationwide and throughout Europe in normal and express shipping

Daily takeover of your partial and complete lots

Nationwide and Europe-wide scheduled services

Tracking shipments through status queries

Notification and time-defined deliveries

Dangerous goods transport ADR

100% customer protection

Customs declarations and completion of all customs formalities

Worldwide pickup and delivery options and import or export services

Fast and competent claims processing

Loading equipment management

Special Trip Services

Is your shipment very urgent? Should it have been there yesterday? We at IY-Logistik always find the quickest route for your time-sensitive transports. We pick up your urgent shipments directly and drive them to their destination as quickly as possible throughout Europe. We ensure that your trade fair appearance is successful, the assembly works and production runs smoothly.

  • Special trips, collection and delivery of your shipment as quickly as possible

Delivery upon request with prior notification

100% customer protection

  • Loading and unloading assistance by driver

Small transporter - 2 pallets of 400 kg

Medium transporter - 4 pallets of 800 kg

Large transporter - 8 pallets of 1200 kg

Lift vans, Trucks or vans as required

Rail Transportation

We at IY-Logistik offer the entire range of logistics and transport services required for rail transport of goods in Europe and beyond its borders.

We analyze the client's needs, take into account the characteristics of the goods to be transported and create an optimal transport route for Europe, CIS, Baltic States, Balkans and Central Asia.

Thanks to successful cooperation with international transport companies, we use the well-developed rail network where almost every location can be reached. The remaining distances from the sender or to the recipient are effectively bridged by using transport vehicles.

Advantages of combined transport at a glance

1. Environmentally and climate-friendly

2. Relieving the heavy traffic on the road

3. Transports can often be processed more quickly by rail because customs clearance takes place during the journey and there are no waiting times at border crossings

4. Exemptions from driving bans on Sundays, public holidays or holidays

5. Through precise timetables, departure times and arrival times of shipments can be limited very precisely, which creates planning security

6. Transporting large quantities or heavy goods

7. The maximum weight of the vehicles has been increased to 44 tons.

8. Rail is often faster and cheaper than transporting goods by road

Service features:


Customs declarations and completion of all customs formalities


Container provision


Dangerous goods transport


Heavy transport


Intermodal transport

Sea Freight

Nowadays, the majority of all goods travel by sea. However, in order to get the goods on their way, certain rules and regulations must be observed. With the multitude of sea freight forwarding companies and the respective rules and regulations of the sender and recipient country, you quickly lose track of things. Thanks to successful cooperation with international transport companies and large ports, we at IY-Logistik take over the complete transport and logistics processing for you, so that you can concentrate on your core business in peace.

Coordination of transport

Preparation of accompanying documents

Container provision until delivery

Selection of the appropriate ISO containers, loading equipment and modes of transport

Dangerous goods transport ADR

  • FCL and LCL groupage container and general cargo and full container transport

Overseas packaging of goods

    • Customs declarations and completion of all customs formalities

Overseas moves

      • Special transport or full container transport

Container transport of various goods (heavy, oversized or bulk goods)

        • Refrigerated containers for transporting perishable goods

Containers suitable for transporting vehicles and machinery

Air Freight

Air freight gives you the flexibility and speed to reach the world's markets on time. With selected and vetted air freight experts, we bring your goods quickly and reliably to any point in the world. Benefit from our worldwide, comprehensive network.


Import and export service


Air freight, without restrictions on dimensions and weight


Customs declarations and completion of all customs formalities


Door-to-door / door-to-airport / airport-to-airport / airport-to-door (von- und an jeden Punkt weltweit)


Economy or express bookings


Worldwide pickup and delivery options

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